Centre de formation privé des opérateurs de pelles

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Business services

Workers assessment

  • Will assess workers or work groups on site. (operators & labourers)
  • A written report will be provided after each assessment, with a list of détails on what should be improved or rectified if needed.
  • The goal of this report would be;
    • To improve the productivity of team work
    • Enhance effectivencess and safety during work exécutions.
  • Advance training available, if necessary
Advance training for Heavy Equipment Operator for pipe installation on site

  • Efficiency on work ethics
  • Safety on work techniques
  • Apprenticeship on specific or specialized equipment’s
Technical support for an Operator

  • To teach new or to improve work techniques for Heavy Equipment Operator on safety and efficiency
Assessment of candidate prior to hiring (contract)

  • Possibility to assess your potential candidates on site.
  • Also offers a pool of candidates already assessed and trained for different construction requirements from our HR section if needed.

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